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Rougham Control Tower – LIVE!

Join us live! As we revisit Rougham Tower. On our last visit to this great location we had some amazing experiences.[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22page%22%7D]%7D

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The Clapham Wood Mystery

Mysterious UniverseFebruary 11, 2016

The world has a long history of forests with apparently supernatural qualities, from the legendary Black Forest of southwestern Germany, where every manner of creature, from werewolves to sorcerers, are said to originate.  To England’s haunted Wychwood Forest, possibly the most haunted forest in Britain.  To Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, also known as the Sea of Trees, where more than 500 suicides have been reported since the 1950’s.

There’s something vaguely romantic about a mysterious wood, like Sherwood Forest of Robin Hood fame, which was known as a haven for everything evil.  The idea that a forest holds wicked truths and supernatural power seems to speak to us in a primal way.  Ancient stories perpetuate the myths of such haunted places, and the anonymity of a ghost story involving such a vast area seems to give license to more than a few urban legends.

One such instance of high-strangeness …

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Clapham Wood: The chilling Sussex woodland where bodies were discovered, UFOs seen and pets disappeared

There are reports of disappearances, UFO sightings and Satanic rituals in what is considered one of the county's 'most haunted' places

Clapham Wood is reportedly haunted Credit (Image: Shazz)

An area of woodland in Sussex has earned a reputation as ‘one of the most haunted places in Sussex.’

Clapham Wood, near Worthing, has allegedly seen a spate of disappearances, UFO sightings and Satanic rituals.

Many of the strange happenings remain unexplained to this day.

Its reputation may not come as much surprise following the number of bodies that have been discovered hidden among the trees.

Clapham Wood has a dark history (Image: Slbs/Wikimedia)

Between 1972 and 1981, the bodies of four missing people were found in the woods.

In June 1972, the body of Police Constable Peter Goldsmith was found in the woods, six months after he disappeared.

Three years later, missing pensioner Leon Foster's …

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Urban Paranormal 666

I Have Been Paranormal Investigator For 9 Years. I Explorer Abandoned Locations In The UK With The Oxfords Finest Explorer We Explore Different Abandoned Locations We Also Do Paranormal Investigations At Hired Locations With Our Team Kindred Warriors Paranormal Researchers & Explorers . Our job as investigators and researchers is to find real evidence we do not entertain anything that’s fake . We all have our individual experiences and all wish to share our knowledge with our different spiritual gifts and wisdom whiles working in the realm of the paranormal. We will be sharing our accounts of ghostly encounters while we do out live investigations we will share the research collected in our adventures with Kindred Warriors Paranormal Researchers . we are a small private team that have a passion in Ghost Hunting and investigating the paranormal .


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