Ghost Show | Official Trailer | Discover The Unknown

On their days off from performing, acclaimed indie rockers, Jay Milton and Jeremiah O’Reilly from the band The Demos, leave the stage in favor of a more spooky venue – the unknown. With the help of their small A/V Crew consisting of self-proclaimed skeptics (Austin Radford & Rhys Whitmore), Ghost Show chronicles the team’s search for answers as they immerse themselves in history and explore claims of the paranormal in homes, famously haunted buildings and scary locations that have never been investigated by paranormal teams. Join them on their journey to discover the unknown. Ghost Show premieres March 27 on YouTube. Subscribe now and join the Ghost Show team as they experience unexplained occurrences, collect earth shattering EVP’s, hear disembodied voices, and discover evidence that will make you question what you believe.




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May 17, 2021 8:35 am