Restless Realm: A truthful and realistic view of the modern paranormal realm

by Barry R. Frankish

A truthful and realistic view of today’s online paranormal world as told by an individual who has spent most of his adult life looking for credible evidence to substantiate the existence of an afterlife. Along the way, find out more about the author and read accounts both personal and second-hand, local to his hometown of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK. It also includes a few money-saving ideas that may be of interest to any budding ghost-hunter or paranormal researcher who is restricted by a budget showing you don’t need deep pockets to do something you enjoy as well as being that little bit different.
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Growing Up With The Paranormal

Rachael Gleave

Everyone has their own ghost story to tell. This is mine.

When my experiences began with the paranormal it was something to be kept private, a family secret. Now that I have lived long enough and have experienced so much in my life, I felt it was finally time to break the seal on some of the stranger things that have happened both to me and my family.

This book contains true tales of visitations, guardian angels, possesions, ghosts, haunted houses, little blue aliens, Exorcisms, spiritual cleansings, soul mates, loss, attempted suicide, near-death experience, pets, life and death and everything in between and after.

As dark as my life has sometimes gotten, I have always held on to the spiritual, and this book features the events that shaped and guided me throughout my life, and that led me …

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